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Welcome to our NWAS Volleyball Club family

The new elite volleyball club in the Vancouver, WA area. Our philosophy is all about growing our athletes both physically and mentally. We strive to provide the best in class competitive technical training expertise in the game as well as helping them to become leaders on and off the court. Our highest priority are the athletes that come into our club. We want them to feel like they've learned something new, that they gained a skill that they’ve never had or have been struggling with.  We’re not just directors and coaches, we’re teachers and mentors!

What does "NWAS" mean?

People ask us what does the acronym NWAS stand for.  NWAS, pronounced "n-woz" is actually a word that we made up.

The meaning of NWAS is "bringing our community together". 

Why NWAS VBC?  Here's a few reasons to be part of the family:

  • FAMILY, every athlete and their families that join our club is treated like family
  • Passionate coaches that live and breathe volleyball that you can trust to coach your child
  • Low cost for the amount of technical training you can get
  • More opportunities to play, you reap the benefits of extra gym time at no extra cost.  If it doesn't cost us then why should it cost your child to play
  • Benefits from all of NWAS Volleyball connections like Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament, Local Adult/Junior tournament discounts, and many more...

These are just some of the reasons to join our family.  Don't take our word for it, come out to some of our free open gyms.  Bring a friend and come see for yourself.

Our Coaches

Staffed with passionate and knowledgeable coaches

Camps, Clinics, Lessons

Providing multiple training opportunities

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