Kody McCracken - Head Coach

Kody McCracken will have 2 roles in our club.  He'll be the Head Coach for our Boys Alpha team as well as the Head Coach for our Girls 16 Beta!

Kody’s coaching experience ranges from middle school first year players up to 18’s elite players. He is currently a player on the Seattle Sasquatch men's professional volleyball team competing in the NVA USA. He found a role as the starting opposite, filling in as a middle when needed. 

Kody’s playing experience started after high school as where he grew up in Pennsylvania did not offer much for boys volleyball. He is very excited that the players in the Vancouver area have an opportunity to start training and playing competitively at such a young age. Kody was a bicycle road racer through high school, capturing 9 state championships and 1 national title in Jr. Duatholans. As an undersized player for the league he competes in Kody attributes his strong cycling background to giving him the legs to ‘jump high, hit hard’. 

After playing D3 volleyball at Wells College Kody found his love for the game and wanted to compete at the next level. There are many opportunities for adult play, and Kody loves the culture and atmosphere of these adult tournaments. “Playing with people who just love the game, win or lose they give it their all. The opportunity to play with such a variety of players at all levels of play is what makes volleyball so special.”  

When not grinding away at the goal of capturing an overseas volleyball contract, you can find him on the golf course, or driving range. His career goal is to be a college coach and run a club, once the professional playing days are over. He is excited to share his playing experience and what it takes to maintain your body and mindset to play at a higher level with the younger athletes.

Rey Jimenez - Assistant Coach

Rey was born in California and raised in Laurel, Montana, he served in the United States Coast Guard as a Medical Corpsman taking him to Puerto Rico and to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University pursuing illustration and web design. Settling in San Diego, CA where he met his wife, he honed his skills on the beaches from Manhattan beach down to San Diego California as a beach player for over 20 years. For the past 15 years, he’s coached beach volleyball players and teams in San Diego CA, and recently in WA and OR. Rey has been training women, men and children from beginners to intermediate and even experienced players. As a player, he believes that the mind and body need to work together so you are adaptable and content with how you perform on and off the court. He encourages positivity one point at a time. His motto has always been Train Well, Play Inspired, Enjoy the Game. 

At Coast Volleyball Club in San Diego, CA he was asked to be an assistant coach from time to time with his son’s indoor volleyball team. He was the boys travel chaperone and substitute coach for Ajax Club Volleyball in Oregon for 2021-2022 Season. Recently, he taught beach volleyball classes for Camas Community Education during the summer of 2022 to raise funds for Camas Parks and Recreation, to establish volleyball sand courts for all to use in this area. 

In his spare time, Rey plays beach volleyball with his son and friends. He’s also an illustrator on his wife’s children’s books through their business, TrekStir Children’s Stories. His favorite food on the courts is watermelon. He loves spending time with my family and our pets.  

Rey will be joining our NWAS Family as an assistant coach on our Boys Alpha Team.