Jenn Kreunen - Head Coach

Jenn Kreunen is new to the NWAS family. Her full time job is being a Student Advocate in the Vancouver School District currently working at Alki Middle School. She also coaches volleyball for Columbia River High School. With her three children all grown up and moved out, she has decided to take on coaching club again. In her free time, Jenn loves to read (especially a good mystery book), bake, and paint. She also has a fur baby aptly named Loki (for all the mischief he as a cat causes). She loves to laugh and have fun, so you’ll rarely see Jenn without a smile on her face.

Jenn started coaching in 1999 at Skyview High School, moved on to Union High School when it opened up, and then volunteered her time at various other schools and clubs before finally landing at Columbia River High School, her Alma Mater. She was a part of the coaching staff that helped lead River to their 2021 State title and the experience was one she’ll never forget.

Volleyball Coaching runs in her family, as both her brothers are coaches in Colorado. She is passionate about coaching and sharing that passion for volleyball with all her players.  She believes there is more to the sport than just playing and will always do her best to instill good sportsmanship and life lessons along the way. She’s excited to fine tune skills and work on strategies with her team while building a united group of young ladies.

“I love everything about volleyball and always try to instill that same love of the sport into every player I have the privilege of coaching. I have taken a little bit from every coach I have had and worked with to become the coach I am today. I take pride in helping players push their limits and improve their skills. I want them to strive for the best and give it everything they’ve got so they can be proud of themselves, win or lose. It is also my hope that every player looks back on their experience with me as more than just a lesson in volleyball. I hope they have fun and have a sense of belonging when all is said and done.”

Darith Lim - Assistant Coach

Coach Darith has lived in Vancouver for over 30yrs. Graduated from University of Washington with a double degree in Finance and Economics. He currently works as a Revenue Auditor for the State of WA for the past 12 years. Happily married to his long time best friend and partner for 21 years. Father to two beautiful girls who are the center of his life. His favorite hobbies are cycling, volleyball, working out, camping, fishing, and exploring nature. Coach Darith brings 16+ years and still actively playing adult tournaments, open gyms, and leagues. Darith also helps run volleyball fundraiser tournaments for NWAS for the past 12 years and Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament for the past 5 years.

His oldest daughter Araia, started her love for the sport which made him become more active in coaching. Darith helps with all age groups 12s, 14s, 16, 18s in skill developments clinic for various local volleyball clubs around town. During summer he runs outdoor clinics for his daughter and her friends/teammates.

Darith hopes to bring the best in each player and make them a better person on and off the court.

"I am excited to join the team and can’t wait for the season to start".