PT Thilavanh - Head Coach

Coach PT Thilavanh's full time job is a Google Application Modernization - Associate Director.  PT has a beautiful 9 year old daughter named Bryn that is the center of his life, if he's not with her then he's either fishing, camping, golfing and of course play more volleyball. He brings 30+ years of playing experience, starting in high school and boys club and still actively plays both indoor and outdoor. PT started coaching his senior year as an assistant for the girls 8th grade volleyball team.  He went down the academic path for college but took volleyball courses and curriculums during his time at Oregon State University. He has 20+ years of coaching experience and continues to run clinics, lessons, and tournaments for both youth and adult groups. PT's coaching experience ranges from ages 8 through 18's.  He's a very technical and strategic coach across all aspects of the game and positions for all age groups. 

PT is also the co-founder of NWAS Volleyball since 2007 providing leagues, open play and fundraiser tournaments to help raise money for the community and the love of the game. He's also the executive tournament director for the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament (the worlds biggest amateur beach volleyball tournament in the world) for the past 6 years and continuing. PT can also be found helping tournament direct for CEVA when needed. 

"I have a huge passion for the sport and supporting the community.  I believe in truth and honesty through discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork and a competitive atmosphere.  I will challenge our players mentally and physically as well as building that trust and relationship with the team and most importantly, their families."

TBD - Assistant Coach

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